Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making the Groundhog's Prediction Come True...

Today we had a beautiful, sunny day here in the Northeast and I starting dreaming of those lazy days on the beach! (It was only one degree above freezing, but I will take anything at this point!) Just thinking about lying on a beach soaking up the sun, instantly put me in a better mood. So, I started wondering how I could change some decor around my own home to reflect my desire for warmer weather. Just filling a vase with shells that my children and I had collected last year and then putting fresh flowers in it, instantly could lift my spirits. Something as simple as replacing the scented candles in my house from evergreen and spiced pumpkin, to fresh linen or a tropical scent might be just what I need. Even just changing out items in my bookshelf to lighter colors, like these candle stands from Willow House, can change the feel of a room. Since the groundhog did say we would get an early spring, it's time to make that least inside my home!

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