Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Sick Day with HGTV

Luckily, I have escaped most of the various flu bugs and viruses this year but this weekend I did have a slight sinus infection. My cure? No antibiotics for me...just resting on the couch all day and watching HGTV! It is truly amazing what you can learn from watching amazing designers give their tips on everything from color choice to trim and molding. A few designers that I highly recommend watching are my personal favorites, Candace Olsen and Sarah Richardson. Candace Olsen is truly a design GOD. The above picture is an example of her work and I can honesly say that I am always stunned at her room reveals. She is known for her unbelievable lighting plans and I have to say the way she incorporates light into her designs is what really makes her rooms stand out. I am realizing now how critical it is that we get our lighting just right in my house. We have a long way to go!

I also love Sarah Richardson. Her show, Sarah's House is fantastic. Basically she goes in and buys a house and completely transforms the house room by room, showing the viewer exactly how she made each and every design choice. It all seems so overwhelming to me but what I am starting to realize is that basically, if a look you choose doesn't work, try try again! All of the designers that I watched yesterday made critical changes once they were into the meat of the project. I get very stressed out when something doesn't work but now I realize that it is just part of the process and it takes time to get it just right!

I also spent a great deal of time on Willow House's new website. It is called It is a WONDERFUL place to get great tips and design ideas. It is like a you tube for designers! Check it out! You might see me on there in the near future!

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