Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Cure for the Winter Blues... Flowers!

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Petite White Vase

Parkside Hurricane

It's official! I am done with winter. Unfortunately, it is only February 10th but there is hope on the horizon. We have no snow in the forecast for the next week and it is going to feel downright tropical this weekend with a 50 degree day on Sunday! One way I try to conquer the winter blues is to always have fresh flowers in my house. I am not much of a morning person, but when I come down to my kitchen and see a vase of fresh cut tulips, I cannot help but smile. Even a Gerber daisy in a small vase on my bathroom counter in the morning can brighten up my day. Ever since I met my husband, he has known that there has to be a flower expense in the budget! It really is a form of therapy for me, especially during these cold winter months.

As a consultant for Willow House, I have learned of so many different ways that you can incorporate flowers into your home decor and there are any number of ways that you can use unique containers as vases for your flowers. I often use a pitcher for my tulips, or even just a mason jar filled with wildflowers on my my kitchen window sill.

Shameless Plug:
Right now on my outlet, we are selling these adorable petite white vases for only $4.96! They would look perfect next to your bed, in your bathroom, or any place that you want to liven up with a fresh pop of color!

It really doesn't matter what vase you choose, just go out today and get some flowers! It can transform you living space and transform you!

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