Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What to do When Cabin Fever Strikes....

Here in the Northeast, we have been bombarded with relentless snow and ice storms. I have always loved the snow, but this winter has really gotten to me mentally. (How much more snow could we possibly get?) As I sit here typing, we are under an Ice Storm warning and I am thinking about how I will entertain my two children yet again tomorrow when school is canceled. I've decided that we are going to have one big clean and organize day! This means we are going to tackle each of their rooms and organize toys and make donation piles. I am not sure how excited they are about this, but I really feel the need to turn this cabin fever into something positive. In anticipation of this latest storm, I bought several cute storage bins and I feel I am ready to tackle some of the toughest organization challenges in my house. I purchased some of my bins from Walmart for a steal and I also purchased several from Willow House so that my home office is functional and organized while also being stylish! I will keep you posted on this ongoing project. I think I will have plenty of time given that they are calling for snow again on Saturday!

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